Loss of Water Pressure:

Understanding water pressure:
A constant water pressure is essential to the efficient running of your boiler system. The pressure in a combination boiler is maintained through the flow of cold water from your mains.

What causes a drop in pressure?
Various issues can cause a drop in water pressure, a leak may of occured somewhere in the boiler system, or recently bled radiators may also cause the loss.

The clearest sign of this drop is to check the pressure gauge.

Check the pressure gauge.
By checking the water pressure gauge or indicator on the front of your boiler can visually indicate the drop, your gauge should be set at around 1 bar.

If your water pressure drops regularly, keep monitoring the guage as this is your main indicator that there is a problem with your boiler.

What to do next?
Your boiler will come with an instruction manual with reference to its pressure system, check your manual to see if you can re-pressurise the boiler.

If you continue to he issue with your water pressure after re-pressurising please speak with one of our professional team here at FloRise.

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