British summer time has arrived and there are a number things you should be bearing in mind during the warmer months with regards to your heating.

Here are some summer tips for your boiler that could save you money:

  • Boiler servicing: Now is the ideal time to give your boiler a health check. It is highly likely you will not be using your central heating through this period, so it pays to check everything is in full working order. Doing so now will ensure that when the winter months arrive you will have reduced the possibility of hassle and costs from a breakdown.
  • Check your system is running efficiently: Be sure to run your heating a least once a month during the summer. This keeps the system running efficiently and clears the pump of grit that can accumulate when it is not in use.
  • Limit use of your central heating: Whilst it is important to occasionally check your system, do not overuse it. In the summer months UK evening temperatures can fall away slightly, but do not automatically reach of the central heating switch. Save money by putting on a jumper or use a blanket instead.
  • Avoid using your tumble dryer: During the winter months your tumble dryer will have been working overtime. Use the summer sunshine to dry your clothes naturally; saving money on your energy bills in the process.

If you would like to arrange a service for your boiler do not hesitate to contact us. You can arrange a call out from one of our engineers by calling 01252 917640 or contact us online