A dripping tap should not be ignored and should be fixed as soon as you notice it.

Step 1:
Turn off your water supply and then run your tap to drain any water from the system. Put the plug in the plug hole to make sure you don’t drop any small nuts or screws. Unscrew the top plate (this usually has the hot/cold sign on it). If you can’t do this with your fingers, use pliers or an adjustable spanner.

Step 2:
Undo the retaining screw and remove the tap handle to gain access to the tap body.tap_headgear

Step 3:
Unscrew the tap body to reveal the main head gear of the tap.

Step 4:
Remove the head gear from the tap by unscrewing it, this will now give you access to the washer.

Step 5:
The washer sits in the bottom and is usually pressed in place or retained by a nut, either unscrew the nut or prise the old washer out with a screwdriver.

Step 6:
Insert the new washer and then reassemble the tap, consider putting a little silicon grease on the threads before putting the head gear back in place.



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